Saturday, September 10, 2011

What you miss about 9/11

When I think back on the days and months after 9/11--I miss the unity that I felt
with even a perfect stranger. 
 I remember the feeling like this...
after 9/11 the country felt
smaller--the people closer--the bonds stronger.
After 9/11--it was like we all had a common story.   I liken
the feeling to the one I had when I lived in a small rural Kansas town.  
The thread was visible in our faces. 
The tears that poured from our eyes--weren't covered up--
we were just a country that was 'real.'
Along the way of the past 10 years,
the divides have crept back.
We no longer look upon our neighbors as 'us'--but see others suspiciously again.
What will you do to remember 9/11? 
Nearly every year I've kept a Christmas tree up for several months past Christmas. 
One year, three tiny trees stayed decorated and lit until July.  That year, as the Easter lilies bloomed in the July earth--and the trees shown brightly inside of our house--we had a miracle in our family. 
Miracles can happen from despair.
Maybe we should try harder to keep looking for the miracles of healing and unity 10 years after 9/11. 
Growth and rebirth
is happening--we need to turn our eyes towards the light
and sow more seeds of hope. 
What do you miss about 9/11?

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