Friday, March 30, 2012

More & I Want

A pivotal milestone in speech therapy for any toddler--is the mastering of the word 'more.'  What if the toddler simply doesn't want 'more'?, I inquired of today of a speech therapist.  What if she doesn't want 'more cars' or 'more balloons' or 'more bouncing balls'?  She has to--at some point.  That's quite a profound statement about human nature.  I admittedly am not a speech therapist or trained in the discipline of child development--but, it seems logical to me that perhaps there are some things we may not want 'more of' no matter how appealing.  I have a friend who gets her fill of chocolate and never wants more.   I don't want 'more gossip.'  I don't want 'more negativity.' 

When a child refuses to say 'more' for instance, they might be making a big philosophical statement about their life--they simply don't want more of something that isn't stimulating to them!  I used more font to write this.  More size to project it.  My son knows what he wants more of.  More music.  More laughter.  More love.  More wiggling his toes as an example of his true contentment.  More reading with his daddy his Dr. Seuss books and My daddy and me.

He doesn't want more time in colorless spaces.  He doesn't want more cars in a room with a piano. 

That brings me to the 2nd 'catch phrase' of child speech development.  Evidently it is vital a kid learns to say 'I want.'  It seems like our society might be better off if a few million people spent 'more' time not saying 'I want.'  Apparently the fact that my toddler has mastered 'I kiss' or "I do' or 'I go' aren't as strong indicators for development as 'I want.'  I just stood in line at a convenience store watching someone spend $63 in lotto tickets.  Spending a million a year for 250 years--who wants that?

As I ponder 'more' and 'I want'--I'm going to  await the 11:00 results for the biggest lottery ever.  Ironically, I did something I don't even believe in:  I bought $4.00 worth of tickets.  This is ironic because $641 million wouldn't give me 'more of what I love and what I want--family, faith, friends, and a full heart. 

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