Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Playground Vandalized

A month ago, the church built a lovely playground sacred space for kids!  This past Saturday evening someone (or multiple people) took a lot of time and effort to break and destroy aspects of the playground.  The binoculars were forcibly broken.  The telescope for kids to imagine God's universe--was stolen.  The infant swing was stretched to the point that young kids can no longer use it.
What is wrong with the heart of people that do this type of thing?
The church constructed this space for the glory of God to honor young children and families.  In the past four short weeks, numerous neighborhood kids have had a chance to feel joy as they played. 
Something that was purely for 'good' in the world must be perceived to be a threat to some unhappy soul.
We dedicated the playground on Sunday!  As we were dedicating the play space
a car hit a squirrel who promptly went near the playground and crawled into a tire wheel, then an engine of a car.  The squirrel was rescued and is living a Penn Glen--squirrel 0763 11.  From sadness to the joys of children seeing adults gather around to problem-solve and rescue 'little Rocky.'
Where do you see joy this week? 

It is so much easier to destroy something than to build something new--thoughts?

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  1. Attempts to destroy joy do not stop one's ability to see joy in even the smallest outreach of concern and healing. The joy of your playground will return as your family of faith picks up the pieces to restore and renew that which is broken. I see joy in your perseverence!